About Us


AvIntel was conceived in 2012 to provide the worldwide aviation industry with comprehensive and up-to-date aircraft information and reports, underpinned with an intuitive and easy to use interface. There are currently 87,880 aircraft in AvIntel with 314,256 individual lines of aircraft history (e.g. new owner, returned from lease, or permanently withdrawn from use).

Data Coverage

Comprehensive data is available for all in-service jet and turboprop airliners, with daily updates and additions. Most historical airliners are also included, as well as an ever-increasing number of business jets and turboprops. There are currently 87,880 aircraft in AvIntel. Information provided for each airframe includes engine type, current and previous leases, current and previous owners and operators, and details of APU, seating, conversions, parked and stored, orders and much more. Comprehensive reports are built upon this data. These employ attractively designed and easy-to-read tables and charts to present in-depth information on aircraft and engines, including geographical reports, fleet listings, and reports showing the breakdown of engine suppliers for aircraft families.

Free Trial

A 14 day free trial with instant access is available. Access to all data and reports is provided free of charge during the 14 day free trial. A subscription is required to continue to access data and reports beyond that point. Sign up instantly for the free trial by registering.


Except for the 14 day free trial, access to AvIntel is by subscription. Subscriptions cost just US $750 (£500) per user per year, which we believe is very competitive. Please contact us if you wish to subscribe once your free trial period is over. Various invoicing and payment methods are available.

Meeting User Requirements

AvIntel continuously updates and adds to its data. It also regularly updates the features available, often as a result of user feedback. All suggestions from users are welcome, and are often used to drive new developments. This is done in a timely fashion whenever possible.


AvIntel takes its users' privacy very seriously. AvIntel will never sell or give away users' details to a third party.


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